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Quote of the Day

  When the weight of the paperwork equals the weight of the plane, the plane will fly.

-- Donald Douglas

Programming RRPGE all the way 18th Jul 2014

  My spare time (at least the time I don't spend out) in the past months mostly went in polishing RRPGE further, and also exploring various basic algorithms and realizing them with libraries in the system. So both way around: for one, designing RRPGE itself, for an other, trying to use it. So some on what happened since.

Experimenting with vector art in Inkscape 22nd May 2014

  This is not my first time attempting to discover the wonders of vector art, but definitely the first time when I took it serious. That is, first time I decided to go through some moderate vector art building using Inkscape, and I even got to like the end result. So I decided to take it a bit like a walk through, hoping others of you may get the feel of the thing by it!

The future for Cheetaan Legacy 16th Apr 2014

  Since long I have this game idea posted around, including some concept arts and various race designs. The Cheetaan Legacy. It is meant to be a sci-fi fantasy retro style game, of which I have masses of story and design material, but practically nothing worthwhile yet. An other thing I had since long in the making is RRPGE. It is not a coincidence of interests, it is a plan, which hopefully can start unfolding from now.

RRPGE goes live! 1st Apr 2014

  So shall be it, after a lengthy and sometimes extremely tiring "journey", the RRPGE (Retro Revolution Project Game Engine) goes live! An old style game console, realizing something what could probably have been possible in the early 90's, tailored to today's and hopefully the future's needs.

Things are getting interesting 25th Jan 2014

  If there is a CPU, then there shall be an assembler, and today that also started ticking at last. Things now are really getting interesting fast after long months of hacking code without much visible results!