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It was one of those perfect summer days - the sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, the birds were singing, and the lawn mower was broken...

-- James Dent

Flight of a Dragon's demo released!

Flight of a Dragon is a retro game for the Uzebox open source game console, a bit of 8 bit madness involving an ATMega 644 and a bit of electronics to get it producing a video signal and accepting input from an SNES controller. Thanks to emulation, you may also try it out within your browser!

Summer starts with a beautiful passing storm

The summer started with a beautiful passing storm at sunset at my location, a rare and amazing sight. As I realized what was going on, I rushed out quickly grabbing my old Olympus C2500L camera to witness and photograph this phenomenon...

A long time ago in a solar system far far away

A long time ago in a solar system far far away... Space exploration is a very interesting and wonderful science with so much interesting discoveries lately, especially for those playing around with sci-fi ideas, the greatest hit these days being the constant influx of exoplanet discoveries. The Kepler mission is one great source, and it also spotted something quite extraordinary...

Using non-square pixel aspect ratios in Gimp

In this article I am going to cover how it is possible and probably the most efficient to work with images using non-square pixels in Gimp. Why this has some importance? It is mainly useful for doing artwork for retro computing such as the quasi-standard 320x200 256 color VGA mode, the Commodore 64 and several other machines and display modes of the 80s which frequently had non-square pixels.

About trip to Northern Hungary

About trip to Northern Hungary

In July, 2015 we made a trip to Northern Hungary with a friend, namely the hills of Aggtelek. I dusted off my old Olympus C2500 camera for it, a little miracle by itself: it survived, and the photos turned out to be quite worthwhile! Composing this together also shown some strengths and weaknesses of the new mechanics under the site.