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  Death before dishonor. But neither before breakfast.

-- Unknown

Quantizing images for fun and profit 31st Mar 2015

  Image quantizing is the process of reducing the color count in an image in order to make it compress better (in png or gif formats). It is so a lossy method of compression, however a consistent one at that. Why someone should do this, and how it can be done the right way? This article tries to cover these subjects.

Some words on patents and copyright in software 25th Mar 2015

  I wanted to assemble my views on the matters of software patents and copyright since a while, so now, here it goes. In a very short summary, I seriously think that patents have a restraining effect on the evolution of software even putting any actual software development (on certain fields) at high risk. Related to copyright, licenses however may be controversial, but I think they are useful: especially the GPL license, while I think even that license doesn't serve well for all and may restrain certain fields. So let's get on with it...

The undefined behavior trap of unsigned multiplies 19th Nov 2014

  I spotted an interesting and a bit scary manifestation of Undefined Behavior in C language (you know, that kind of code what could bring zombie apocalypse by specification, because why not?). I am not the first, but I haven't seen it properly described yet, so let's get into business. It all starts with some innocent unsigned multiplies where the implementer would expect a wrapping behavior...

The fall of the Berlin Wall, 25 years ago 10th Nov 2014

  The quarter century anniversary of probably the most iconic event of the System Change of 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall. The dark times of the cold war came to an end, new hopes, the 90's.

History as seen from a Ferris Wheel 7th Oct 2014

  A few weeks ago passing by train near the zoo and amusement park area of Budapest I realized something is missing from the view. The Ferris wheel of the park is no more, turns out it was scrapped a half year ago. That was not "just" a Ferris wheel.