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Quote of the Day

  Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems.

-- Jamie Zawinski

Retro computers and RRPGE 16th Sep 2014

  In this article I decided to just look a bit through my retro style console / microcomputer design's sources. That is, what and from which old computers and consoles inspired me in laying down the concepts, and designing further my system. A bit of RRPGE history also follows.

Getting rid of Reference Links in Symphony 6th Sep 2014

  So let's finish the upgrade: fix the problem with the Reference Links. I knew having an extension will one day prove it was a bad decision, and even this simple innocent thing managed to strike back. While on the site surface, things looked fine, the Reference Link extension ceased working rendering those fields impossible to fill up properly. The key is that this simple extension just extended a core feature of Symphony.

A surprisingly smooth Symphony upgrade 6th Sep 2014

  I just finished upgrading the Symphony CMS instance running the site. Why this is anything notable? Well for that since about 2 years I did not even touch anything web-related, also letting this site running without any proper upgrade or backup. Surprisingly for that, everything went quite smoothly (in the process also acquiring proper backups, of course), it was all in and out in just about three hours.

Summer on the tracks 5th Sep 2014

  In the summer, as in the previous years, I visited two narrow gauge railways for some voluntary work. One is the industrial railway of Szegvár of which I already have an older article here, the other which I started visiting in last summer is Kemence in Börzsöny. Thanks to the frequent rains the country was very nice this year, even though it gave us quite a mess to clean up at Szegvár.

Programming RRPGE all the way 18th Jul 2014

  My spare time (at least the time I don't spend out) in the past months mostly went in polishing RRPGE further, and also exploring various basic algorithms and realizing them with libraries in the system. So both way around: for one, designing RRPGE itself, for an other, trying to use it. So some on what happened since.