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  The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sheep.

-- W.C. Fields

RRPGE goes live! 1st Apr 2014

  So shall be it, after a lengthy and sometimes extremely tiring "journey", the RRPGE (Retro Revolution Project Game Engine) goes live! An old style game console, realizing something what could probably have been possible in the early 90's, tailored to today's and hopefully the future's needs.

Things are getting interesting 25th Jan 2014

  If there is a CPU, then there shall be an assembler, and today that also started ticking at last. Things now are really getting interesting fast after long months of hacking code without much visible results!

Empty loop over a new CPU architecture! 8th Jan 2014

  And it's alive! Well, really. So I am working on a particular project since years, to be exact, a certain type of game console. In the past few months I was spewing out C code based on my completed specification like there is no tomorrow, no compiler, no testing, whatsoever. So the fairly complete emulator was sort of done a few days ago, and so well, let's try it out...

Site neglection 7th Dec 2013

  So there weren't any updates here since about a half year. Just what's going on? In short, it is not like I lost interest in the site, rather that I simply have no time to tidy it up and keep it running while I am working hard on finishing a certain rather large project. The problem is partly with the CMS I use (Symphony), but it's not particularly like an other CMS (such as Drupal) would do it fundamentally better.

Turning on optimizations in Microchip's XC32 15th May 2013

  At work I recently ran across an interesting, and the same time kind of scary situation. It's Microchip's XC32 compiler, which is based on the GPL-ed GCC, but the same time in the IDE, it shows that it's optimizations are disabled: to enable them, one is supposed to buy the Pro version. What?! It is a God-damned GPLed software, or at least to conform with GPL, it must be! So let's see, either compile it from source, or let FSF and the lawyers solve it...