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It was one of those perfect summer days - the sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, the birds were singing, and the lawn mower was broken...

-- James Dent

ProcessWire migration completed

ProcessWire migration completed

Completing the most crucial components of the site I decided to finish the migration today, pulling down the old Symphony CMS based site for good. Nothing much changed on the appearance unless you are viewing on some small display. Comments made between launching the beta and today however were lost, there wasn't much and I simply was too tired to get them across.

Migrating to ProcessWire

So here comes the first post on the "production" ProcessWire based site. I am changing over from Symphony CMS due to problems accumulated during the years, and that I felt I really can't keep on refreshing my knowledge of XSLT which I only used to fix things on that site. In summary the goals of the two systems are quite similar, however ProcessWire seems to work better for my purposes.

Outbreak to the Sky - a medieval practice

The wyverns stirred my imagination further resulting in another writing, this time using a conventional medieval setting. Nothing exceptional, just practicing forming stories and some English language grammar, but I hope nothing short of pleasant entertainment either. Except lots of interesting interactions with wyverns in this one!

Making a wyvern soar

Making a wyvern soar

In the past months I put away my RRPGE endeavor for some experimenting with digital art, and as it turned out, English language writing. In short, I sketched up a brass wyvern (a variant of dragon with four limbs: wings and hind legs), and it got me a bit carried away. So a story was born, and I also looked in the matter of making these large beings actually fly which is not a simple thing to accomplish.

Quantizing images for fun and profit

Image quantizing is the process of reducing the color count in an image in order to make it compress better (in png or gif formats). It is so a lossy method of compression, however a consistent one at that. Why someone should do this, and how it can be done the right way? This article tries to cover these subjects.