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One small step for man, one giant stumble for mankind.

-- Unknown

Using non-square pixel aspect ratios in Gimp

In this article I am going to cover how it is possible and probably the most efficient to work with images using non-square pixels in Gimp. Why this has some importance? It is mainly useful for doing artwork for retro computing such as the quasi-standard 320x200 256 color VGA mode, the Commodore 64 and several other machines and display modes of the 80s which frequently had non-square pixels.

About trip to Northern Hungary

About trip to Northern Hungary

In July, 2015 we made a trip to Northern Hungary with a friend, namely the hills of Aggtelek. I dusted off my old Olympus C2500 camera for it, a little miracle by itself: it survived, and the photos turned out to be quite worthwhile! Composing this together also shown some strengths and weaknesses of the new mechanics under the site.

ProcessWire migration completed

ProcessWire migration completed

Completing the most crucial components of the site I decided to finish the migration today, pulling down the old Symphony CMS based site for good. Nothing much changed on the appearance unless you are viewing on some small display. Comments made between launching the beta and today however were lost, there wasn't much and I simply was too tired to get them across.

Migrating to ProcessWire

So here comes the first post on the "production" ProcessWire based site. I am changing over from Symphony CMS due to problems accumulated during the years, and that I felt I really can't keep on refreshing my knowledge of XSLT which I only used to fix things on that site. In summary the goals of the two systems are quite similar, however ProcessWire seems to work better for my purposes.

Outbreak to the Sky - a medieval practice

The wyverns stirred my imagination further resulting in another writing, this time using a conventional medieval setting. Nothing exceptional, just practicing forming stories and some English language grammar, but I hope nothing short of pleasant entertainment either. Except lots of interesting interactions with wyverns in this one!