A "little" comment spam problem

In the past few days suddenly my site became strangely popular. From where such a sudden flow of comments would come from? Not a sign of something good...

First, the comment areas themselves are protected against the usual stuff, and I also stuffed in them some tag detections to rule out posting links, web addresses and similar. I thought it would stop spammers being interested in my site (As they can not link directly to any site or product), so I thought all will be good without further restrictions, I just let the field open for anyone.

Turns out this is was a not-so-good decision after all. However I completely fail to understand the point of what I actually got. It's true there were about two or three comments among the at about hundred which mentioned IPads and IPhones, but no other product did appear. So nothing at all, not a single reference in any of the comments to where my visitors should go or click. I didn't even got comments which were trying to inject some malicious javascript or php in my site except two (Which were rendered inoperable by the filters proper).

So the remaining 95 percent is like 'What?!' for me. They apparently were generated using some automated content matching, sometimes even selecting very appropriate comment bodies for the particular articles they were posted to. A very few even looked so legit that only the badly generated name and junk mail address would tell those off from trash. If anyone could clear this out for me - I completely fail to understand the point behind these comments (Except for that they would be suitable for a DDoS filling up the database in large volumes - however they might also need some processing power from the senders for the content matching). A hundred of such is a far cry from a DoS, then why? (And who in our little world would be so much interested anyway in DoS'ing especially this site - I don't remember I had any haters)

And sorry for anyone who actually posted a legit comment in the past few days. I don't think I hit anyone, but just in case. Maybe send me a mail from the About section for now. In some days I will look a bit around in Symphony and add some captcha solution - after all I have better things to do than wiping out automated spam by hand.


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