PayPal ate my account and money

So it's PayPal. Ya know, that thing which is the world's most loved way to lay and get laid, oops. So this thing thought so it will be fun if it ate my account without any hope of reclaiming it.

The story started with a mail address change, which ended up on a screen asking me to confirm with my (Hungarian) bank account number. I have and always had a single bank account, so I guess I can be pretty sure on what's it's account number. Typed up, oops, no success. Typed with hyphens, neither. On this blasted page there is not a single pointer on what the heck of format they would like to see there. Search PayPal help, nothing. Search the Internet: a few people with similar problems, some suggestions (all failed), otherwise nothing. To the end I got to the point to have some "Security Measures" applied on me, which guess what? Asked for my bloody bank account number!!!

So let's ask for help in mail if nothing else helps. Typed up the mail on PayPal's mail form, hit "Send", and guess who met me in there? It's our belowed "Security Measures" once again, kindly asking for that &@##!% bank account number. My sole bank account number which apparently only PayPal does not know, and I can not even ask them in what format should I try to type that damn thing up in there.

Well, it's a mere 20 dollars I had on the account just now, I was thinking on just donating it to someone later, so at least nothing too grave. But again, it seems one never can be careful enough. I just wouldn't know if, say, I had my 1000 dollars in Hungarian currency fluctuating like a sinking ship on a sea in the storm, which I planned to donate to CCF in the right time on the top of a wave, when this bastard "Security Measures" came by.

So anyone have a good idea on what one could probably do in such a situation? (Who I should blame? :D)


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