ProcessWire migration completed

Completing the most crucial components of the site I decided to finish the migration today, pulling down the old Symphony CMS based site for good. Nothing much changed on the appearance unless you are viewing on some small display. Comments made between launching the beta and today however were lost, there wasn't much and I simply was too tired to get them across.

The new site on the appearance has some extra elements, most notably a different gallery and a recommendation list to fill up the previously blank left area below the mecha-cheetah menu. Hopefully it is easier, or at least more inviting to navigate around. As an important feature an appropriate structure was built to provide for multi-paged content, such as comics and chapters of novels (now it is possible to read A BRCF volunteer's log and Outbreak to the Sky on the site).

For mobile and other small screen device users a new, simple theme was added which replaces the mecha-cheetah when the window is too small for it (which is designed for 1000 pixels or more width). Hopefully it makes it easier to use it on those devices.

Comments are functional, however temporarily the Markdown formatting of them is missing. The possibility for that is being built into ProcessWire around these days, so the next upgrade will likely bring it back.

Like before when changing over from Drupal, the most important links (all articles) persisted, so if you referred to any content on the site, it will likely still work.


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