RRPGE goes live!

So shall be it, after a lengthy and sometimes extremely tiring "journey", the RRPGE (Retro Revolution Project Game Engine) goes live! An old style game console, realizing something what could probably have been possible in the early 90's, tailored to today's and hopefully the future's needs.

RRPGE logo
RRPGE logo
The RRPGE dragon logo

Bring back the 90's but why? Well, as I see even to this day retro style games are made and are being made, designed to run on whatever available at the time of making. In the past larger communities were interested in programming, designing games, as of now it seems like this age is fading away, probably for the increasing complexity of today's systems requiring way more effort to do even simple things reasonably well. And what you can do today, you might not be able to do tomorrow.

This had to change, and I hope I can offer some reasonable change with this system for everyone just wanting to keep the retro spirit going. One well designed open system for all, one well written specification, and we may be set for a lifetime and beyond, just like how the Commodore 64 keeps surviving the ages.

To get this system crafted into our modern lives proper, without hassle, I put a lot of effort in making it so it can seamlessly integrate. You won't need to create emulated disks. You might not need to set up controls. Probably you won't even need to see the game is ran by an emulator, it will just work, like anything.

And it has the potential to do this on just about anything. Your desktop system? Your gaming console? Your tablet or phone? That old junk dumped in the attic? Everything is possible as far as the laws permit!

Hope this all can become a reality. Check out the RRPGE site for more!

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