The summer started with a beautiful passing storm at sunset at my location, a rare and amazing sight. As I realized what was going on, I rushed out quickly grabbing my old Olympus C2500L camera to witness and photograph this phenomenon...

Stormcloud panorama #1
Stormcloud panorama #1
First panorma at around 20:10
Stormcloud panorama #2
Stormcloud panorama #2
Second panorama at around 20:15
Stormcloud panorama #3
Stormcloud panorama #3
Third panorama at around 20:20

This camera I have is quite old, actually just from the past century, but I still like its quality. However this time sadly I didn't set things up exactly well, the battery was nearly drained making it protest and turning off occasionally, and so I didn't even check the settings, just straining to get the photos through. Underexposure, and so a lot more grain was the result, while the component photos occasionally also had different exposure times (when I make a panorama normally, I usually set up fixed exposure by the brightest feature, which gets all images uniform in color). I edited the images together in the evening using Gimp.

It was sure something to watch! Between taking photos, I just stood and observed, hearing the distant rumbles and watching the show of lightnings (which I wasn't lucky to capture) as these clouds slowly formed and rolled past towards the East. The Sun behind me was since long sunk below the mountain, I could just see by the light cast on the clouds that it was setting right about then. I watched this beauty so long it lasted.

Stormcloud edge at sunset
Stormcloud edge at sunset
Unusual cyan colored clouds after sunset

As the main event faded away, I also caught something bizarre, that is, something I never noticed before. Cyan colored clouds. On the eastern edge above the mountains, somehow they received a very peculiar cyan color, which looked a lot more impressive witnessed in real. Well, one always sees something new!

This was sure a beautiful start for the summer, just wish if we got some regular rain and passing clouds in the entire season. Blistering heat isn't a fun thing...


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