Shiriat elder

A shiriat elder.

I was experimenting with G'MIC in Gimp which has some awesome tools for speeding up creating such colored lineart (useful for comics). If you want something quick, the Posterize tool can do good job cleaning up a lineart, then the Colorize tools can make it a lot easier to create the fills.

The creature is a shiriat from the cheetaan universe, like this or this one on older drawings.

They live for about 300 - 400 Earth years, their mane reaching its full size at around 200 - 250 years of age, giving the shiriat an appearance like on this lineart. Both males and females have mane.

They normally don't wear clothing, only when they are exposed to harsher conditions. When they live among humans within a human civilization, they adapt and use similar light garments. Even there, they don't use it as a means of expression, their clothing remains simple and practical without much variance which they don't care much about. They keep adorning themselves in their traditional manner, an intricate system of jewellery indicating bonds, connections and proficiencies.

Referred artworks

  • Shiriat Portrait
  • Rural tram
  • Dynamism
  • Shiriat & Cyat


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