Hi! So you visited this little site's "about" section, well, then, as this tiny part of the huge internet is mine, I may as well introduce myself to know who you face here. So let's get into it!

  • Nick: Jubatian
  • Name: Sandor Zsuga
  • Mail: jubatian at
  • Experienced in: Primarily software development for micro-controllers, more or less experience on other fields of IT technology.
  • Native language: Hungarian.
  • Other languages: English (Meh!), a very little of French.
  • Hobbies: Hiking, exploring and photographing, reading (classical literature, fantasy and fiction, traveler's books, ethology), writing (sci-fi), drawing, retro game development.
  • Music (A few): Nightwish, Rhapsody, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Vangelis, Jean Michael Jarre, Mattias Westlund, Commodore remixes and other independent authors.

Basically that's it. For the rest, I assume you clicked here as what I do here at least remotely interests you, so well, I guess you also read some of my blog entries in the archive. You may have noticed I didn't much left any contact information above: It's just below, scroll down, read that few silly rules so it will arrive, and write. I just felt pointless to leave an e-mail address for the excessive amounts of spam waiting to storm any address left open.

For those who would be interested, I keep some CV's here I used when I felt it like I should try myself at a new job:

About the site

This site is my primary blog also serving as an art showcase as I don't much participate on any of the known providers like Facebook and the likes. The content management system under it is ProcessWire which I customize for my needs all myself including the complete site design. Well, if one can do some art, why not?

Other sites

My most important presence apart from this site is GitHub, where I am running my hobby projects as well as RRPGE. Occasionally I also appear on StackOverflow, although rarely.



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