Skyworld dragon lounging

A Golden Crested Wyvern of Skyworld lounging in her residence.

The modern times of Skyworld, after the great wars pushing back dragons and their followers to the by then heavily fortified continent of Feywier had seen a continuing surge of urbanization and modernization establishing several entirely new cities for those dragons to inhabit who caught on with the times understanding and then developing their own science and technology.

Grey pillars and domes of raw brute concrete, their architecture is minimalist and functional, in stark contrast with the inhabitants of these structures, the shining splendour of dragonkind, live, breathing ornaments drawing focus, the great vaults and archways encompassing them.

Nearly every dragon has a few slaves or personal servants.

The role of these people is controversial, and heavily dependent on the personality of the dragon they serve. Some, especially in the rural regions, face severe exploitation, former lawbreakers condemned, held confined by the dragon who might even eat them on a whim. Urbanized, especially technology oriented dragons who had seen and experienced a lot, understanding the flow of the modern world where they depend heavily on humankind for their survival tend to be more understanding and benevolent.

With some of them, this role might even be an envied, prestigious commitment living up-close and very personal with these majestic creatures.

Referred artworks

  • Golden Crested Wyvern
  • Dragon tower of Skyworld


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