Akri playing with batbirds

An Akri showing a more gentle side of their kind, playing with redtail batbirds. There are quite some of these large scary dragonlike beasts living together with the Xis and Nirs, forming part of their civilization, holding back the more chaotic of their kind.

The redtail batbird is the largest true batbird, possessing intelligence par with that of dogs or corvids, capable to use their wing-paws and feet for crude grabbing. They are also mischievous like a raven!

The Akri (more on them on their reference sheet), are not actual batbirds, they are Tanis (that is, their closest relatives are the Xis and Nirs themselves), their shape being a result of parallel evolution, and likely gene theft.

They are part of the New World 2648 novel (Hungarian only unfortunately), and The Guardian's Offerings.

Referred artworks

  • Tani Akri (dragon) reference 2017
  • The Guardian's Offerings

Referred articles


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