Outbreak to the Sky

The wyverns stirred my imagination further resulting in another writing, this time using a conventional medieval setting. Nothing exceptional, just practicing forming stories and some English language grammar, but I hope nothing short of pleasant entertainment either. Except lots of interesting interactions with wyverns in this one!

Brass wyvern
Brass wyvern
The brass wyvern specie used in the story

A goal of the world design was trying to set up something plausible, how these large beasts of the sky could coexist with mankind if they were present. There is nothing much beyond: I concentrated on the wyverns, with little effort put in sketching the medieval environment itself which may show. I hope it is passable as entertainment, though!

This story (again) is licensed under either Creative Commons BY-SA (Share Alike) or GNU General Public License version 3 (these are roughly equivalent by intentions, but incompatible), so you can spread it however you wish!


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